Leap of Faith

January 31, 2014 | 0 Comments | Personal

Oh snap, real talk. I know I’ve been under the radar for the past few months, I’d like to make a small announcement.

Today I finished my last full work week at Children’s National. I presented my two week notice last Wednesday and my last day of employment be this coming Wednesday, February 5th. I have worked at Children’s for a touch over five years.


I have decided to take a chance on myself. I am taking the leap to full-time self-employment. My business has enjoyed increased interest in the past year that I have had to continually turn away due to time conflicts with full-time employment. I am a little nervous, kind of scared, but very excited. I don’t know what is in store – I may enjoy success or may end up falling flat on my face. I am hoping that the images I make, the passion I have, and the work ethic my parents have hammered me with will get me through. I’ve got my fingers, toes, and beard hairs crossed for good luck.

I have also decided to take this time to better myself. I have re-enrolled at George Mason University and hope to finish my dual BS degrees in Biology and Psychology by the end of this year. I resumed classes last week and am enjoying the confusion of managing online group projects.

I want to thank you all for your help and would appreciate your continued support. If you have any leads, let me know! I shoot anything and specialize in music, portraits, and advertising. If you’ve ever thought about having portraits done for yourself, give me a shout and we can talk it out. Chances are I like you and will give you a hefty discount (just make sure to credit me!). Small words of encouragement would also be really nice.

Thanks for your time, thank you for reading. Please endure the wave of self-promotion I will be unleashing upon you all.

I hope to work (or at least talk) with you soon. Send me a message! 🙂



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