Okay, so it’s finally happening! I’ve had this ring for far too long when it really belongs to Jess.

It’s no secret that she loves coffee, cats, Morrissey/The Cure, and Harry Potter. We’ve talked about it and her patronus is a ferret and mine is a buck. We’re going to center the proposal around them.

General Info (click to collapse)

Date: 2016.Dec.17 - Saturday
It's Cookie Day, a hallowed tradition in the Ernst household which just happens to coincide with the warmest weather day of the week. You'll already be here and we'll all be in good moods. I saw the opportunity and I'm going with it (and taking you with me).

Time: APPROX. 22:30 - 23:00 (10:30 - 11:o0 PM)
Cookie Day starts at 7PM. Rain should stop by 10:30/11:00 PM. We'll make some cookies, hang out, maybe watch Son of Rambow, and it'll be time.

Team Lumos: Joy & Brandy. You'll be in charge of the patronus lights.
Team Creevey: Sophocles & Jae. Sophocles will have the camera and Jae will have a GoPro on his head.

Team Lumos will have the spray paint (for the sheet), stencils, flashlights, and a blanket to lay on (Jae will provide in a box).
Team Creevey will have a camera or two and a GoPro which Sophocles will bring.

A hill on the golf course by the intersection of Elk Lick + Hussar. The golf course is aware. There are two trees that on that hill that we are going to shine the patronuses on.

Team Lumos will shine flashlights through stencils of our patronuses onto a plastic sheet that will be hung between the trees. Team Creevey will photograph and film throughout.

Detailed Plan (pictures and video below):

Cookie Day will start at 7PM. We will just hang out like normal and if there is time, watch “Son of Rambow”, which is a fun movie about film-making (this plays a part). Team Creevey will need to bring a GoPro and a camera for the night.

At some point in the night, Jae and Joy will go on a run to the gas station/grocery store for something. They will hang the plastic sheet which we will project the patronuses on and transfer a blanket, the flashlights, stencils, spraypaint, and the box with the ring to Joy’s car.

When it stops raining, Team Lumos (Joy & Brandy) will head out, as it’s kind of late and they’re tired. They will get in their cars, turn right on Elk Lick (main road), take the third right onto Hussar and park. They will then do a test of the flashlight patronuses. Holding the stencils in their right hands and the flashlights in their left, they’ll see if it shows up nicely on the sheet. If it could use some more, spray the sheet with the clear matte spraypaint, which will help. Once everything is set, Team Lumos will send Team Creevey a message to go ahead.

Team Creevey will suggest going out on a walk and make some fun videos (like in the movie, which you’ll see). Jess and Team Creevey will head out on the same path that Team Lumos took. During the walk (which Team Creevey will be taking photos of throughout), they will talk about what kind of movie to make and we’ll end up on some sort of Harry Potter universe type thing. We’ll each pick up a stick as makeshift wands and mess around.

When we get to the corner of Elk Lick and Hussar, we’ll talk about patronuses. Jae will ask Jess to think about her happiest moment and then cast his patronus, very loudly yelling “EXPECTO PATRONUS”. When he does that, Team Lumos will shine the flashlight through the buck stencil. Team Creevey and Jess will go nuts and tell her to cast hers. When she does, Team Lumos will shine the flashlight through the ferret stencil.

The buck should be on the left side of Team Creevey (so it is on the right side from Team Creevey’s POV) and the ferret on the right side. When they initially appear they should be sort of apart, on each end.

After a few seconds of initially going crazy, Team Lumos should slowly walk the patronuses towards each other in the middle of the hill. That will prompt Team Creevey to take Jess to that spot, where the box with the ring will be. When they reach the box, the patronuses should part a little so they are on the sides of Jae & Jess and are visible to the Team Creevey’s camera.

After the proposal, the patronuses will stay in place while a few pictures are taken. When Jae casts “homenum revelio” (the human revealing spell), Team Lumos will show themselves and then we are are happy yay!




They are labeled so you know which side faces you and which should be on your left and which should be on your right. 🙂






VIDEOS (very important for Team Lumos)